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What is the criolipólisis

Since this blog health we are looking for new terms and new medical applications for lipolisis of the easiest way possible. In this way we reply the question: what is the criolipólisis? Well, so quick and intuitive we can say that the criolipólisis is the elimination of body fat through cold. Therefore, the criolipólisis can be summarized saying it is a technique that seeks to eliminate the unsightly Michelins using cold. This novel technique have put into practice at the University of Harvard, in what they call the first system non-invasive capable of eliminating the fat locally by the cold.

It should be noted that the criolipólisis eliminates the body fat without the need to use anesthesia, so that the risks to which they have to face the patients are minors.

From the University of Harvard showed that the fat cells are more vulnerable to cold that other tissues of the skin. Therefore, the specialists in this technique that already applies in Spain indicate that the criolipólisis does not hurt other parts of the human body to be a technique selectively. They also assert that this is a technical painless, so that patients who are subject to this technique can continue their daily lives quickly after undergoing the operation. Read the rest of this entry »

Eating disorders

The food is the main base for our agency is healthy and strong, so we must look after our food, without falling into problems that may generate diseases. From our blog health we wonder what are the main eating disorders, those who in our society are being accommodating. Because the cult of the body, the need to be well, like, is one of the characteristics that young people (and not so young) today adopted very often.

But of course, to be let@ to have an eating disorder there is not much road, since the subsistence exaggerated, the people who barely eats any gain, the obsession with the healthy food, are the dominant note of those people who do not think any more query beyond their physical. These are some of the main eating disorders that many people suffer from today.

But we can name these disorders. For example, the most common are the bulimia or anorexia, that we are more than accustomed to hear talk about them. But these two diseases have been a little obsolete, since they have been born another new range of Conduct Disorders Food (TAC). Read the rest of this entry »

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