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What is the leptospirosis?

With the theme of the floods that are going in different parts of the world, it is possible that appear diseases such as, for example, which are vector-borne (mosquitoes or rodents) to human beings. In this connection, is that this blog of health will make reference to a disease known as leptospirosis. In recent weeks, the international press has been echoed by various natural disasters that have hit several countries in the world. For example, in Uruguay, until not long ago, was living in a situation rather complicated in several of its cities due to heavy rains and flooding of rivers, which led to cause serious floods.

On this subject, a few days ago the media of Uruguay reported about the emergence of a case of leptospirosis. Possibly, to reach confirmed this clinical case would be in the presence of a serious illness resulting from environmental issues (floods).

In this connection, it would be important to explain a little more about what is the leptospirosis.

The leptospirosis is one of the zoonoses best known, according to account the web site of the Wikipedia, which adds that this pathology febrile is caused by bacteria known as Leptospira interrogans.

Considered one of many global problems facing public health, this disease mainly affects the inhabitants of tropical and subtropical areas moist, publishes the web site of Pan American Center for Fever Afotsa, also known as Panaftosa (PAHO/WHO).

The disease tends to be transmitted by the urine of infected animals, as the case of the rodents (rats). The incubation period of this disease can vary from two to four weeks and the symptoms are numerous, reports Wikipedia.

It is important to add that this disease can cause death to the people, if not treated properly.

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