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What is the Algoterapia?

Things of Health, we must speak about what is the algoterapia. As you can deduct, is a treatment that is develops from massages facts with seaweed, but… What are your benefits? What people are indicated? As you say, the algoterapia is a massage, which is carried out from seaweed, which serves as a complement to any massage of that you can enjoy in the booths of the centers of SPA and massages. The best of the algoterapia is that, its main raw material, concentrates all the properties of the sea, i.e., minerals and trace elements.

The benefits of the algoterapia are diverse and we are going to move to summarize briefly:

1. – Relaxing Effect

2. – Reduces pain and inflammation

3. – Eliminates toxins, so he purged the agency

4. – Favors blood circulation and lymphatic Read the rest of this entry »

Face The Cronic Pain

The chronic pain that many people suffer from them limits their quality of life. For them, the psychologist pain specialist Jenny Moix has written “Face to face with your pain” a book in which the author guide to the sick of chronic pain, either by back pain, headache, of lumbago, arthritis or other type of conditions, to enable them to reduce pain and increase their quality of life.

The goal of the book is that the people who suffer, to acquire technical and strategies to help them better their situation. For that reason, must recognize the psychological barriers that his illness imposed on them. The book includes explanations on how relax and even organize the time. Everything to ensure that we bring our disease and does not itself which will lead us to us, or what is the same, learn to live with the pain.

“Face to face with your pain” is the result of the experience that the author has lived in the course of his professional career. It is easy to read, and not only is recommended for patients with pathologies of chronic pain, but that the medical professionals and the health will see the possibility to get to know best what feels a chronic illness and how assist better

The medical marijuana to debate

Both the public as the medical experts, are divided in its opinion on the use of Cannabis as a palliative. There are studies in diseases in the current treatment does not provide relief or no improvement the patient’s symptoms. This is a topic of discussion for more than 100 years of controversy, and that currently not only is a matter legal or political, but a matter of all. The Cannabis has in its against several points, does not enjoy good image, and that a large sector thinks that the effectiveness of the Mary is based only on anecdotes and data provided by patients, but the reality is that the studies at the University of Washington on 33 clinical trials from 1971 to 2009, argue that the cannabis are extremely safe as analgesics, with a toxic minimum. There remains the controversy, while the medical community in general ignores in general the use of Cannabis; more than 7,000 doctors prescribe their use to more than 400,000 patients in the US.

14 States in the US have legalized the consumption of medicinal marijuana, the most promotes is California even clinics and move their services of sales. It remains Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington. Their therapeutic use is prohibited in 36 states.
Currently continues to explore clinical scientists and 5 completed showed that the Hemp can relieve pain in accidents, diseases of the nervous system and the pain produced by multiple sclerosis. It is studying in California the therapeutic potential of hemp and products with a high content of Cannabis. Read the rest of this entry »

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