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What you can eat a celiac

The people celiac have a problem foodstuff which can reach complicating life, not to mention the annoying that has to be watching continuously what they can eat and what they do, of course, that not to mention the economic factor, since the celiac spend an average of 1,400 Euros per year than any other consumer. Therefore, from our blog health we bring our grain of sand and mention what you can eat a celiac. Obviously, a person celiac should care its food so marked. All focuses on the gluten, i.e. a celiac cannot eat any food containing gluten. It is that of here must start the whole basis of their food.

The food of the celiac pass by eating fresh meat, as well as cooked ham. You can also eat fish or fresh seafood, although it can also eat frozen if and when not pre. You must forget the sausages. On the other hand, you can eat fish that has been kept in olive oil or vegetable.

According to the oil, it is important that an oil 100% plant, either in olive, sunflower or corn. Similarly, a person celiac can bring to your diet butter 100% plant. Read the rest of this entry »

Healthy Diet for weight gain

In general, we have the idea that the allowances are to lose weight, and to download of size. But of course, there is also another type of allowance. From our blog health we are going to share a healthy diet for weight gain, since not everyone wants to make diet to lose. The obsession with lose those kilos of more than to most of the people; it becomes an obsession for others. If something teaches us that fact, is that there are many people that is not gusto with his body, and this, I believe, is a problem. Those who have more weight want lose and lose weight, and those who have less want earn it. This is something very common. If I let you of a council, I would say that we must try satisfied with what each one has, or more or less. I know that it is difficult and that there will be people with real problems, but in general, there are many people who could live perfectly with his weight habitual, without any problems. Read the rest of this entry »

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