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Liposuction of dewlap

The ideals of beauty are changing over time, in each time, looking for a specific purpose in regard to the canons of beauty. Possibly, liposuction of jowl is something that is looking often. In Things of health you talk about the subject. Women are the most have been decanted (and are doing) by this type of operation aesthetic. It is true that before, some years ago when there were so many medical advances, it was difficult to get any type of liposuction or lifting and eliminate the party that we are not liked. But the truth, today it has changed. The jowl not usually likes anything to anyone who has it. Well, I say no often, not to say that do not like nothing.

The chap is a subcutaneous fat layer that hangs below the chin. Can form wrinkles. We can say that is a kind of lump. It seems that the jowl has a hereditary origin. The chap is formed by an accumulation of fat, i.e. by excess fat or you can also be due to excess skin in the neck. It is for the latter by what is often appear to advanced ages.

There are several techniques to eliminate the chap, stressing the liposuction and lifting vertical. The latter is a treatment static based, mainly in stretch the skin. The lifting requires general anesthesia. The cost to which can ascend made an operation of lifting is 6,000 Euros. Since it is a technique that stretches the skin, you need the skin is accumulated in the area, so it is more common this type of operation in older patients medium-high.

On the other hand, the liposuction is the elimination of fat. In this case tend to be younger patients or patients with overweight. The liposuction requires local anesthesia. An operation of this type can cost up to 1,500 Euros. The liposuction removes the accumulated fat through an incision (approximately 3 mm), and a shank connected to a machine of empty.

It is possible, therefore, eliminate the jowl with liposuction or with the lifting, the two usual techniques.

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