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Syndrome postvacacional

Just summer and the feeling of return to the routine punishes the vast majority of the fatal, who yearn the days of relax and vacations, longing the rest and tranquility. In this blog health you have what are the symptoms of the syndrome postvacacional, for which detects if you have and you can solve the anxiety and stress that occur. Because it is not easy back to the day after day of heavy winter, after long days of sunshine, rest and holidays. Therefore, learning to know what are the symptoms of the syndrome postvacacional you can help prevent this discomfort.

If we take into account the physical symptoms, the syndrome postvacacional to produces tiredness, fatigue, insomnia or drowsiness. The person may have lack of appetite and few eating or of any type of activity, because it feels certain apathy. Also tends occur lack of concentration, which is derived from the same feeling tired and dream.

On the other hand, the symptoms of the syndrome postvacacional can produce anxiety or stress, coupled with the feeling of lack of air, sweating, muscle aches. All these physical aspects generate a malaise that can be increased if not detected in time. Similarly, the stomach aches; nausea or vomiting may appear at this stage postvacacional. Read the rest of this entry »

Treatment Of Back Pain

The pains are simply unbearable. Any type of pain hurt us and depends on the intensity, you can get to prevent make any activity. One of the pains more common is the back pain. Want to know how calm back pain. In this blog health you do we count. The first things I have to mention is that the back pain is one of the most suffer the people in this century. Possibly, together with the headache, are the two more usual in our body. The back pain is the first because of low labor in Spain, and the truth is that I am not surprised at all. At work, especially those who spend hours and hours in front of the computer, we have a very bad. We sit very badly in the chair.

The first thing I can count is that if you have back pain, seek the consequences, to think of where you can come the pain. That is, if it comes from a bad posture in the work chair. Also the back pain may be due to a bad posture in bed or by catch an excess weight, by carrying heavy loads to slopes, and there are more grounds, but I understand that these are the main. Read the rest of this entry »

Tricks of food to get enough sleep.

The rest is needed to activate our agency for the next day. There are many people with problems related to the dream, to which cost them find a way to rest when sleeping. Today, from our blog of health, we find the tricks of food to sleep well, to help you in your habit night. We know more than that food plays a very important in our lives, remain the main engine of our body. There are nights in which dinner too much or take a dinner heavy and difficult to digest, which prevents us rest while we sleep and makes us all night without paste eye.

To remedy this, there are a number of tricks of food to sleep well. It is important that respect the schedules of the meals and that you jump none, so that your body has a habit nutritional correct and continuous. It is desirable that in the morning eat well, especially to avoid a decline of sugar to mid-morning. Before you eat also is desirable that you eat fruit, grains or bread.

Seeks not to eat sweet after the afternoon (until the six), since the sugar has energy and generates some difficulty sleeping. In parallel, you have to seek lead a balanced diet in the missing carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral salts, which are necessary to ensure that our body function correctly. Read the rest of this entry »

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