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Cares what you eat in restaurants

Sometimes this can be seen in some unbelief, but it is not any kind of whim full of prejudices the warn with record regarding the quality of food they serve in restaurants.

The base is to maintain the watchful eye and is curious. Probably if you are going to eat at a restaurant of insurance in the menu does not come the nutritional information relevant to the food that has asked, as it is not to go to a restaurant very, very unhealthy (McDonald’s, for example) in which is obligation attach it to the menu.

But if you are going to another type of restaurant allegedly healthier you will not be committed no sin in requesting the nutritional information relevant to the chefs of the place, so will save the problem of ingesting be a meal at first sight does not appear damaging but it is in essence.

Tries to be curious, because with this kill two birds with one stone: you assert that what you eat is not harmful and you also take care of your diet. Read the rest of this entry »

What do you know about organic food ?

In recent times we have all heard news on the benefits of organic food, i.e. that type of food completely natural and organic. But the question is: what does it mean that a food is organic?

We all know that this type of food strengthens the immune system, improves the quality of the dream, reduces the chances of developing cancer and promotes weight loss.

All these characteristics make the organizational culture in relation to food each time more followers and studies on the subject also are increasingly common.

A recent research in Europe noted that: what animals whose food was organic are naturally thinner. The organic products promote weight loss reducing exposure to pesticides.

The fruit and organic vegetables have 40 percent more antioxidants, the organic milk a 90 percent more. The presence of zinc, minerals and iron is also higher in this type of products. Read the rest of this entry »

Taking care of nails

When we talk about taking care of nails, we talk to avoid their deterioration and improve its firmness and this has as its objective, much more than for aesthetic. Because anyone who thinks that the nails have a purely decorative function is wrong and must continue reading this article for internalized more.

Although it is difficult to believe, the nails are skin. Yes, they are a type of skin modified to meet very important functions:

• Protect the latest phalanxes of fingers
• Provide support for the fingertips both feet as hands
• AND helps us to carry out certain key actions, such as rescans or unleash a knot.

The good care of the nails, indicates health. And to achieve that good condition, the nails require -as everything in life- certain care. For example, care to maintain its firmness and prevent their deterioration, adequate food and good hygiene.

One of the treatments advised, to improve the state of the nails and decrease the risk to infections, is the manicure.

The nails are formed by three layers of keratin. The first layer is the glossy side; the second is called keratin medium and the third, keratin sensitive. We must nurture these three layers, which are at risk of bend or break with the excessive use of the short-nails. Read the rest of this entry »

Natural way to keep your skin looks healthy

One of the aspects that we are interested in our body is our skin. We already know that the beauty usually goes to health. That is why we know the skin care natural that we have to maintain a young skin. It is clear that there are ways to look after our skin without suffering major efforts or put into large expenditures.

A daily exfoliation is very important to maintain the quality of our skin. In that way eliminate dead cells and in addition majors the circulation of blood. In addition, keep in mind that for the alternative medicine a good skin is a reflection of a good digestive system. Those who have disorders in the skin such as acne usually suffer from constipation or other digestive problem. To solve this problem eats an apple per day, cauliflower, dried fruits and vegetables.

One of the best things you can do for your skin is…move! The inactivity can affect the skin either through the acne, the cellulites or the loss of muscle tone. That is why you should aumantar the amount of exercise. For that you can follow recommendations such as taking a small recreation for a walk or go to the gym. Read the rest of this entry »

The list of calories in the food

The table that reports about the calories containing food is basically a list of consultation, useful for kept within the subsistence recommended by the specialists or which started to control our weight.

In a calorie table by food you will find the average energy containing the portions of food. Generally use 100 grams as standard, which allows them to directly compare two types of food, no matter how different they are.

The list of calories in the food you familiar with the information you find in the tables nutritional, appearing in the packaging of products that shopping in the supermarket, in addition will give you ideas to make changes in your daily food intake, achieving more easily a reduction in the calories you eat.

Below is a list of calories in the food. The numbers of the vegetable relate to your version cooked. Read the rest of this entry »

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