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Flatus For Cure Your Hypertension, Is It Right ?

The unpleasant odor of intestinal gas or flatus, composed of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which is expelled by the bacteria that live in the human colon, according to a new investigation this action of natural gas in the blood cells in laboratory animals, can help to maintain balanced the pressure in blood.

This effect would arise through the relaxation of the blood vessels which prevent the hypertension (high blood pressure). This gas is “without doubt”, produced in the cells that are the blood vessels also human, said the researchers.

The role that we know now plays the hydrogen sulphide in regulating blood pressure, can make it possible design drug therapies to improve its training as an alternative to the current methods of treatment for hypertension,” said Johns Hopkins neurologist Solomon H. Zinder.

The hydrogen sulfide is the most recently discovered a family of “gasotransmisores”, small molecules within our body, with major physiological functions. Read the rest of this entry »

Facts about Porn Addiction

Pornography has been considered as a very serious problem that has the great potentials to ruin many things. Besides of the dangers of ruining the kids’ mindsets, pornography even has some terrible impacts to some adults. That is why; many governments in the world have stated the war against pornography. However, in some countries, porn is still a legal thing. In fact, the porn stars have been considered as a professional works in some countries.

Despite of the moral aspect, somehow pornography has the deep impacts to the mental aspect. There are so many facts about pornography addictions that show the terrible impacts of it. The people that have the addictions to porn couldn’t live normally. Their life were ruined as they paid more attentions, and even paid more money to watch the porn.

Sadly, porn contents are easily to be found. We could visit some web pages that contain of porn materials. Today’s porn has so many vary. That is why; the addiction level of the porn could reach the dangerous level for the mental. To see more facts on this addiction, we could visit the and learn more from this site. Maybe, there are some positive things that we could learn from this site.

Pollution and Lung Cancer

The newly discovered free radicals that adhere to the small particles of atmospheric pollution could cause lung damage and even lung cancer, report researchers.

Confirmed in other investigations, the discovery may help explain why non-smokers develop diseases related to tobacco as lung cancer, said the principal investigator H. Barry Dellinger, professor of environmental chemistry Patrick F. Taylor of the Louisiana State University.

For years it is known in the existence of free radicals in the atmosphere and these atoms, molecules and fragments of molecules can cause damage to the cells. It was believed that these particles, which can be produced by the combustion, lived less than a second and then disappeared.

“I found that the particles generated by the combustion contain free radicals who survive in the environment,” said Dellinger. “When the radicals are associated with particles, can exist apparently indefinitely”.

These free radicals are remarkably similar to those found in the tar cigarette, Dellinger said. “The inference is that a person can get the same diseases related to the environment if exposed to the fine particles of air or cigarette,” he warned. Read the rest of this entry »

Shopping Medical Uniform Online

Finding a specific uniform such as a medical uniform is a little bit difficult. This is concerning to the fact that not uniforms are sold for public. In the next development, medical uniform is presented in various designs, models, and materials.

To find Medical Uniforms easier, you can try to use internet service. One online store which offers you with this kind of product. The easiness is on the way you find a suitable medical uniform you want to buy. In this case, you can buy the uniform based on popular brand such as UA, Barco, Nurse Mates, and many more. It doesn’t matter whether you are a male or female because both of you can find your favorite medical uniform.

Moreover, you can also support it with shoe and accessories so you can give your best performance, from your appearance and your skill. The best thing of this service is that you don’t need to go outside because you just need to wait the delivery order. Because you can’t try the uniform, you need to choose the uniform especially on the size so you don’t need to buy a small or big uniform which doesn’t match with you. The price is also various and you can get your favorite uniform started from $15.00 up to $23.00.

The Ginger Benefit

The ginger or kion is a plant of the family of the zingiberáceas. It grows in all the tropical regions of the world but is assumed to be originating in India and that the people it was used to be in pure state before the gods because the consuming, days prior to the religious festivals, fired a sweet smell.

The ginger is used in the world through the Asian cuisine but in addition to the flavor and sweet that it produces, is used since antiquity to conserve the foods, such as assistant digestive and expectorant.
In medical research has shown that the root of ginger is effective against the nausea. It is also used to alleviate the typical symptoms of colds as congestion and chills; in addition as expectorant to eliminate sputum and calm the cough.
Another of therapeutic uses that gives the ginger is to combat the symptoms of indigestion as vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness, headaches and diarrhea. On the other hand, is a powerful stimulant of central nervous system and the autonomous.
It is also believed that the consumption of ginger is good in cases of arthrosis, hemorrhoids, sexual impotence and memory loss.

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