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Harpagophytum, the treatment of Arthritis

As you have already been able to over time that Living Healthy is in line, in many times we dealt with the Fitoterapic; or, what is the same, of the various properties and virtues of many plants.
However, we never had echoed the different benefits from a wild plant that is as prevalent in the south of Africa as in the Kalahari Desert.
It is called harpagophytum (harpagophytum procumbens L. ), and it is a plant that has beautiful flowers of color mauve, producing a series of fruits ganchudos.
Their roots are rich in glucoiridoides, recognized activities analgesic and anti-inflammatory.
Are interesting for the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis and other manifestations hurt joints.
The main reason is that many studies carried out in patients with arthrosis, have demonstrated the effectiveness of harpagophytum in symptomatology painful.
Especially, because the flexibility and mobility articulate significantly improves; and what is even more important, without causing adverse effects.

Getting Ready for a Breast Biopsy

If you feel that breast biopsy requirement implies doom for healthy living, it is time to think again. It is your first step towards leading a cancer-free life, and therefore, a healthy one. If this bothers you still, here is a note of relief – approximately 80% women undergoing this test learn that they do not have cancer.

Here are a few details that could help you understand the procedure, and lessen the worries.

What does the procedure involve? The procedure involves taking a small sample of tissues from the suspicious area for lab testing. This is necessary to determine whether the suspicious area has cancerous growth or not. Various methods are in use for this –

  • Fine-needle aspiration biopsy
  • Core needle biopsy
  • Stereotactic biopsy
  • MRI-guided core needle biopsy
  • Ultrasound-guided core needle biopsy

Surgical biopsy is a little more complex than the aforementioned procedures. Consult a specialized physician to understand the details of this Florida breast surgery.

When do you need a biopsy? This may become essential in various situations –

ü  You experience scaling, crusting or dimpling of the nipple or bloody discharge

ü  You, or your physician, feel a lump/thickening in the breast

ü  Your ultrasound/mammogram reveals something suspicious

How do you prepare for the procedure? There are no specific instructions in this regard. However, it is essential to let your doctor know certain things – allergies you have, medications you use, have a pacemaker or any such device, and so on.

What happens after the test? Apart from surgical biopsy, other types of procedures do not require you to stay at the clinic. You may have bandages and an ice pack on the biopsy site. Bruising and swelling may occur as well.

Are there any risks associated with it? You may experience bruising or swelling at the site. If you think that the area feels warm or red, or there is any infection or bleeding, you need to consult your surgeon immediately.

It is important to find a good surgeon if you have to undergo this procedure.

Generates Ideas

Of the merger, emerges something new, which is the beginning of something innovative (See Innovation vs. Invention what is the difference?). But for that to happen, there has to be something that merges, few atoms generate few chemical reactions. Little knowledge and ideas, little creativity.
1. Read,
What discovering the warm water? Not really. The reading is a source of knowledge vital etc. But this is not a class of how to raise your children
II. One of the keys to generate ideas is read a lot, but not any item in depth, but much general knowledge. Keep learned many areas; yoga, kitchen, stock, travel, tantra.
Magazines of general knowledge, as reader’s digest,, (there are many examples) are ideal. The idea is, with this large number of general knowledge, provoking clashes of ideas of fields completely different (e.g.: yoga-travel), and you have a web page, of content on web sites and specialized centers in yoga.
The application of knowledge of an area, in another is one of the most successful innovations
2. Travel and learn about other cultures. It works on the technique of displacement.
Travel, see other models, ways of living, business. And this does not mean leaving the country. The region, a 2-3 hours of your house can be a source of ideas perfect.
New landscapes, sound, flavors, textures, shapes, everything is food for creativity.
Simply visit sites that do not have known. Do not have to go to China to be creative. Even in your own city.
3. Takes the time to experiment.
This is the most difficult. By family, society, comfort, “assume” (blunder in innovation), a group of mountaineering, reading, or first-aid is not productive, has nothing to offer.
Participates in new activities, sees even restaurant food, foreign non-governmental associations that never beeches visited: Something that has nothing to do with your work, and your area. If you are professional creative, takes a course of finance, if you are a financial, sees and takes a cooking course. The idea is that you feel insecure, ignorant, and open to any possibility and to learn.
If so far has not happened the idea of your life, is that it may have only one of the two ideas, one of the two atoms for chemical reaction. We are going, without fear, to be creative 7×2.

The market on electronic cigarette smoking cessation

Any method is good for quitting smoking if it works. This habit is very harmful to health and causes millions of deaths in the world. The nicotine inhaled when smoke tobacco is one of the substances more addictive and that is why it is difficult to quit.
Some years ago appeared on the market on electronic cigarette smoking cessation. It is a device that works with a small battery and simulates the form of a cigarette flow.
In the end where it aspires has a sensor that detects when inhaling air releases tiny drops forming a vapor that mimics the cigarette smoke. Leads some small capsules filled with different substances, propylene, glycerin, vegetable flavors, flavoring and also have a proportion of nicotine.
There are several types of capsules with different levels of nicotine and the idea is to go down the dose of nicotine slowly until you get to leave completely.
These cigarettes electronic have been a source of controversy since its emergence in the year 2004 and some doctors, scientific societies and sanitary argue that the steam that release is as damaging as the cigarette conventional. And even suggest that, because there is no scientific evidence nor sufficient studies, could be even more damaging.
Another point of discussion is that does not eliminate the harmful habit of smoking, the rite of inhaling and lay smoke remains, does not attack the psychological addiction and in some cases, this can be crucial to kick the habit. Read the rest of this entry »

The Excuses for not going to the Gym

There are times when we believe that we have good excuses for not going to the gym or not to leave to run and continue to live a sedentary lifestyle. But many of these times those excuses are not real, simply the invent ourselves not to put and believe that it is not because we do not want, but we cannot.
It is as made traps the lonely, and in most of the opportunities these “super excuses” can be easily eliminated, only a matter of being honest with yourself and fight to win the laziness.
Some of the excuses more common are: “I do not have time to leave to run”. The reality is that we need all the time of the world, instead of watching a telenovela you can choose a walk or run about 30 minutes. You can also start your day one hour before and take an opportunity to make sport.
Another excuse is “I get bored rapid”, if you get bored running every day for the same route you can vary, or insert an activity with another. One day you can leave to run and the next using the tape. You can also take a second and seek alternative routes to change a little bit the landscape.
A classic “I am not motivated to exit”, in this case there are several alternatives such as, for example join a group of corridors, or find a partner of route.
The excuses with regard to the climate are with the best we feel because “does not depend on us.” It is true, the climate does not depend on us, but leave to run nor depends on the climate. Count with the appropriate clothing is essential not to let out to run, rain or shine.
It is a matter of left of excuses and starts to live a life more healthy.

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