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The slimming effect of “fat-brown”

A bit of fat that helps to keep warm to the newborn is more common in people that what was thought and the discovery could lead to a new way to lose weight, according to researchers.
When activated by the cold temperatures, the so-called fat brown burns calories faster than the ordinary fat.
In three studies submitted to the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers reported having found fat brown in most of the people and found that can detect the exposure of people to the cold.
And in some cases, the people who had more active areas of fat brown or brown are thinner.
The hope is that if there is a way to activate this fat brown and obtain the body make more of it, people might burn calories without exercise. Read the rest of this entry »

Another key to be health

A client friend of mine suffered a crack in his right hand playing volleyball, was cast by approximately 3 months, it far from complaining about was really happy because learned how to manage your left hand, he felt virtuous to the lunchtime since it was without any problem and even he understood quite well when he wrote, that I call be optimistic, that within a difficulty search and find something positive.
The optimism is the kind of natural force that have many people who favors to face obstacles with consistency and good cheer, discovering the positive people and the ability to solve the events of the day to day.
The other case that I will give as an example is that of Luis, a case in which the optimism does not exist, this lord has 61 years of which the last 15 currently suffering a serious ailment, the parkinson. Luis tells me that you feel resentful with life and with the destination, since he has made a life without excesses, almost methodical, using their own phrases repents “not to have enjoyed some good delights”
In truth I don’t know exactly to good pleasures are concerned, however assumed that the smoking and drinking would be at least two of them and other would probably be dawns on one side and gluttony in meals on the other.
I think that he is a person who long before his illness has lacked two things entirely related that are the hope and optimism, taking a self-esteem heavily damaged, I am almost certain that he is one of those people that when there are a good thing he tries to find the negative as in place and when it comes any news not so good obviously that is going to get worse and total depression. Read the rest of this entry »

The Yoga is beneficial to relax

The Yoga is beneficial to relax, banishing the stress and definitively serves of relief for many muscular diseases.
If it is the first time that are going to do yoga, can be difficult and painful, so I recommend you to do with calm and exert without much in achieving the positions, to be low-impact, but if you follow practicing yoga, very much that is becoming increasingly easy and you can always adjust the positions on your comfort, the thing is not hurt but benefit.
Then, I give some recommendations that you must take into account, before starting the practice of Yoga, to get the maximum benefits, without exposing you to risks that may affect your health.
1. As for any other practice is necessary to consult before a doctor, particularly when it suffers from any physical condition, which can limit the possibility of certain positions or even, suggest its contraindication. This is the case of the inverted postures, which are contraindicated in people with high blood.
2. The ideal is to carry out the Yoga exercises outdoors, in a wooded park, then a shower, as far as possible away from the meals and wearing comfortable clothes.
3. Although the basic series of Yoga exercises can be carried out by people of different constitution, degree of physical development and age, it is necessary to use the common sense respecting the constitution and limits of the own body. Read the rest of this entry »

The effect of pan with anti in increasing the cholesterol level in Children.

Researchers at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of West Virginia, in the United States, ensure that exposure to chemical compounds that are used to manufacture pans anti and waterproof clothes, among other products, could increase the levels of cholesterol in children, according to a study published in ‘Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine’.
Although the link has not been found in humans, the fears arising from a legal hearing in which were involved more than 12,000 children by contamination of drinking water with those substances in Ohio, United States, who were found high levels of LDL cholesterol or cholesterol “bad.”
In particular, synthetic substances belonging to the group of so-called perfluoroalkyl, which include the acids perfluorooctanoico (PFOA) and perfluorooctanesulfonate (BEEN).
Responsible for the anti adherencia and resistance to the heat of the pans for cooking are also used in products of packaging of food and in the treatment of textiles, carpets and clothing waterproof and resistant to stains.
According to scientists, these substances can enter the body and travel to the liver, the body responsible for producing cholesterol and manage the fat consumed in the diet.
Previous Studies had already suggested that the PFOA and BEEN could have an impact on the way in which the agency is responsible for managing these fats.
To confirm this relationship, the scientists took blood samples of the 12.476 children and adolescents aged between 12 and 19 years contaminated in Ohio, Read the rest of this entry »

The arnica anti-inflammatory Natural

Plant native to Europe, the South and Central Asia, has some flowers yellow bright orange with a root coffee dark that possess anti-inflammatory substances and analgesic. It is very effective as a natural remedy for blows, contusions, dislocations, rheumatic pains and inflammations to the skin. The implement arnica in the area beaten leads to an increased blood flow and if applied immediately after a coup prevents appear the bruises.
The arnica in the form of dye, oil, ointment or cream is used to external applications on the skin for sprains and bruises, repeated use can cause severe inflammation. It is not recommended for internal use because it has an irritant effect in the stomach and can produce cardiac arrhythmia.

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