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What is the sunlight use to our health ?

The Sun can help you strengthen bones, frustrate the different forms of cancer, disorders auto-immune, as well as prevent and fight infections.
For years, the sun has been considered public enemy number one, considering that cause damage to the skin, premature aging, pigmentation and an increased risk of cancer.
But before going to the shadow, consider this: the sun rays are necessary for the production of vitamin D, for which no sunbathing we risk a gap that could leave defenseless before any type of ailments.
A growing number of scientific studies that are now pointing to the effects of the deficiency of vitamin D, as a factor at stake for an entire catalog of illnesses, including colds and flu, heart disease, accidents cerebro-vascular, diabetes, disorders auto immune, depression, osteoporosis and numerous types of cancer.
Even has been suggested as a possible cause of autism.
The root of the deficiency today is the custom to shun the sun, thus affecting the assimilation of the pro-vitamin D, for reasons such as; the style of life, life in the city, etc.
In China, a study by Shanghai Institute in Investigations of Life Sciences, revealed that about 69 percent of older persons in the continent do not have enough vitamin D, while a recent study by the University of Hong Kong revealed that more than 60 percent of Hong Kong people are similarly affected. Read the rest of this entry »

Losing Weight

Lose Weight is not only a matter of cut calories. In fact, overly restrict the calories because a slowdown in our metabolism and, therefore, your body burns little energy. That is why the solution is to eat 5 or 6 small healthy meals a day. This will provide you a series of benefits that will arrive in achieving this figure to long for.
Eat frequent accelerates our metabolism due to the thermal effect of the food. This is caused by the decomposition and the absorption of food. What we are talking with this? To burn a calories by the simple fact consume food. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips for you for being in the ideal weight.

It is true that for us well the first thing to do is feeling well. For many this means to be in form, and unlike what is believed that does not mean that we should make efforts staggering, but that making small efforts we can begin to feel and see ourselves well.
Now incorporate some habits that probably already beeches heard once, but if you are just today decided to begin to worry about body image, this entry is ideal because we will see some tips for that you can be in the form.
*Starts your day drinking a glass of mineral water with a teaspoon of honey. This mixture helps to “clean” your body and helps you wake up.
*Recalls that your breakfast should include carbohydrates (grains and vegetables), proteins (eggs, cheese, yogurt) and fibers that stimulate the brain.
*TO the lunch hour tries that it is as lighter possible. Vegetable and fish is an excellent combination.
*When your dinner should not be later that the 7pm.
*Drink plenty of water.
*Tries to avoid eating red meat and increases the amount of fish to eat. The fish has fewer calories and nutrients more useful. Read the rest of this entry »

Tramadol Online

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The training in circuit

The training in circuit is a technique of ejercitamiento with origin in London. Consists in the provision of a circuit of stations (not necessarily circular) in the exercise different muscles in each station.
Infra, it must be the availability of power compose six or eight workstations, although it would be ideal able to take up to 20. The more work stations are owned, more people can be brought to the same time, eliminating the waiting times and the dead that only contribute to the loss of energy.
Among the advantages that have this type of training, the dynamism stresses between them. A system of training in circuit allows the use of time of training, since it is constantly training different parts of the body.
Another advantage over other types of training more specific is it’s completed, since several areas of muscle system are instituted, and may alternate several types of exercises, combining the lifting weights and the weight of the body.
The practice this type of training, the individual should be made as a target complete three times the circuit, deciding he himself many repetitions. Read the rest of this entry »

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