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How to treat acne ?

Two vitamins (niacin and vitamin A) have been used with success in treating acne. The therapy for the vitamin must understand the intake of 100mg of niacin, three times a day, and 50,000 international units of vitamin A, also three times a day. The vitamin E, in a dose of 400 mg of ritonavir, should be taken once a day. This therapy must be pursued by a month.

Treatment on the basis of zinc:

Another effective remedy in the area of nutrition that seems to be the new promise in the fight against acne is zinc. It has shown results certainly effective in some cases. The zinc should be taken in therapeutic doses of 50mg three times a day.

Treatment on the basis of orange peel:

The orange peel is valuable in the treatment of grains and acne. The shell ground with water, in a piece of stone, should be applied to the affected areas. Is said to be more effective, if is ground with rainwater.

Treatment on the basis of lemon:

A remedy homely simple for acne: Apply on a regular basis lemon juice on the grains has proved to be very beneficial in reducing the eruptions and of acne in general. Read the rest of this entry »

Curing Acne Marks

Acne on your face can lead to a serious inferior complex leading to frustration. There are various creams, face wash that are currently available in the market which as a part of marketing strategy makes various promises but actually are futile.

Acne marks are formed as a result of the sebum i.e. bacteria growing form the oil residue on the skin. The bacteria then forms the acne marks on the skin.

In order to get rid of this problem professional acne treatment given by estheticians can be obtained. Estheticians are beauty therapists with special focus on skin treatments who can help you in removing the acne marks from your skin.

But to get the treatment you must be sure that the esthetician is reputable and experienced in performing the duty. Many people feel that a simple facial which can be administered on their own can remove the acne. To some extent this is true. Because a facial helps to remove sebum and clear the pores and thus removing the ace make to great extent. But you need to undergo the facial treatment procedure at regular interval so as to make it effective.

But if you receive the treatment from an esthetician you can be more than sure that acne marks from your face would be erased off permanently. There are various facial options for you to try out. If you are not sure that you can do this on your own then you can obtain spa acne treatments. Various spas offer acne treatments administered by professional estheticians along with massages, herbal therapy and aromatherapy that would give you a complete sense of relaxation and freshen you up. You shall also be receiving advice to take care of your skin and guard it form further acne attacks.

It is always better that you take care of your skin at home itself so as to sake it from acne marks and other blemishes. But if there is any skin problem that you might be facing then it is always advisable to take the help of professional estheticians.

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