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Aerobis or musculation ?

When we are going to lose weight, arise in our mind many questions. The problem is that we riddled with doubts, and we heard speeches opposing that come and go, and we will not solve anything. The field of sports and health this fraught with myths and fashions that confuse fairly. Try today to resolve some. For example, what is the best? What the aerobic exercise or the maculation?, What short periods of high-intensity? Or do you small moments with very high intensity of exercises?

To burn fat, weighing of the many believe, the aerobic exercise of low-intensity and long-term, it is not the best option. A multitude of research argue that the aerobic exercise of high-intensity not only burn fat more effectively, but also speeds up metabolism and keeps accelerated even during a time after already having completed the training.

What really counts at the time to burn fat, is not the time of training, but the amount of fat that have been burned by each unit of time. The more calories we have spent, more fat have destroyed.

For example, if we walked for about 60 minutes we are going to burn 270 calories, of which 160 come from the fat (60%). If you run during the same time, burn 680 calories, of which 270 come from fat. The latter represents 40 per cent, and if you noticed, is a percentage lower than the previous one.
So, what we must understand is that the intensity for the exercises is always on each individual. Walk about 6 km /h may represent an exercise of great intensity for a person untrained, such as running at 10 km/h may prove to be an exercise in low-intensity for an athlete in good shape. Read the rest of this entry »

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