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Diet against the cholesterol

For whatever, follow a varied diet in which commas all kinds of food is essential to have a body healthy. But in response to various health problems, it is necessary that adduces your diet on the basis of the nutritional needs to which you require that problem. In our blog health we focus on the cholesterol, so you count as you must make a diet against the cholesterol. A high level of blood cholesterol can be dangerous to our agency, because it can derive some kind of cardiovascular disease. The figures of blood cholesterol should be below 200-220 mg/dl.

There are several things you should take into account to make a diet against the cholesterol. First, you have to follow a healthy and balanced diet, in which the fat disappears from your food. Therefore, consumes skimmed milk instead of whole milk, cooking the meat to the iron instead of fried and forget about the cakes industrial. Eat more fish meat, in particular, the blue fish (salmon sardines,).

Similarly, the dishes precooked are nothing good for people who have cholesterol. In your diet against the cholesterol play a very important role fruits and vegetables, they need to be constant and frequent in your food, since the fiber is an ally of our body. Similarly, the oats also is recommended. Read the rest of this entry »

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