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Moisturized skin with Aloe Vera

Get a moisturized skin and avoid the dryness that occurs as a result of cold, is one of the remedies that gives us the Aloe Vera. Since this blog health we worry about your skin and for their welfare in these times of cold winter. For that reason, we recommend Aloe Vera for moisturize the skin. In the form of cream, gel or any other, the Aloe Vera is a plant that helps your skin to get a fresh appearance and soft. Its use in cosmetics is very old, and provides a comprehensive care for both the face as for the body. The cosmetic products of Aloe Vera contain substances traffickers combined with extracts accredited especially suited to meet the needs of the skin, so that the preparations of Aloe Vera cool, caring, and calm and leave the skin smooth and creamy.

There are positive effects that produce the Aloe Vera in the skin: moisturizing, calming, healing, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, antiseptics, haemostatics, painkillers, antiallergenic. All these functions make your skin look revitalization. In addition, among the benefits of Aloe Vera in the skin highlights the following: protect and heal scars, reclaimed the connective tissue, help against irritations, strengthen the protective layer of skin, have an effect repairer, regenerate deeply the cells, stimulate produce collagen against the signs of aging and also help in case of acne, insect bites, burns, burns of the sun, neurodermitis and psoriasis. Read the rest of this entry »

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