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Amaxofobia: panic to lead

Phobias is a world distant, complex in which he who least can fall without even realizing it, and get involved in a wave of panic before going to mark his life. The amaxofobia is panic to lead, and this blog health to account as this fear affects between 10 and 33 percent of the drivers Spaniards. Surely know someone who cannot take a steering wheel, are paralyzed. The fear he invades the body and is unable to move an only muscle. Suffers what technically is called amaxofobia, i.e. panic to drive. It is a fear that makes the person suffers left paralyzed, was blocked and unable to react.

According to some studies prepared by the RACE, 75 percent of the people who suffer amaxofobia at some point in your life, they put again at the wheel of the car, overcoming, therefore, that fears that their addresses. Furthermore, it also argues that in the 95 percent of the cases are produced by irrational thoughts, a factor that should be treated by a psychologist.

Phobias behind the wheel may arise in many ways. One of the main alarms that tend to occur when a person starts to get excuses not to take the car, not to drive. Let’s say the fear to recognize that suffers a phobia can be one of the main problems. It is also often appear anxiety when you take a flyer, feeling that disappears when Pisa land.

There are to be analyzed and see why this fear has, why suffering amaxofobia is. Once located the root of the problem, it will be easier tackle it. It is true, it is more than recommended that come to a professional. A psychologist will help you overcome your amaxofobia.

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