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Uses Curative of Marijuana

Marijuana is a drug. The whisky is also and tobacco, and the coffee, and television… man incorporates, as has demonstrated throughout the history, different drugs, more or less harmful, which will alleviate their everyday lives, that you away from the everyday problems and that even you relax and do not think. The issue of marijuana is quite controversial. Simply to look the dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy of tongue are as follows: marijuana is Indian hemp, whose leaves, smoking as tobacco, produce physical disorders and mental.

Something quite shocking, striking at least, especially for the things of mental disorders, however, this drug, legal in the Netherlands and in the state of California, in the United States since the year 1996, presents a series of medicinal uses and curative that will see the reader to the positive side of marijuana, like so many other, which can be applied for benefits. Did you know some benefit of whisky or tobacco?

Its advocates say that there is evidence according to which is beneficial to eliminate the nausea of chemotherapy and, in the aids treatment, it’s stimulating effect of appetite helps combat the lack of appetite. You can also help reduce the pressure of the fluids in the eyes associated with glaucoma. Read the rest of this entry »

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