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Side effect of botox

It seems that following the trail of celebrities, the Botox is vulgarized rather than go to the bakery. Before the surgery is necessary informed, know the risks and potential side effects of Botox and of course we in the hands of true professionals, not going to be that save we finish departing literally from one eye of the face. The Botox is a treatment painless and non-surgical used to remove wrinkles dynamic in the face, such as between, the legs of Gallo or expression lines of the front. The treatment is to inject a dose in the area, inhibiting the release of the nerve impulse and tightening and the skin. The treatment is reversible, and to keep without wrinkles will have to visit a doctor in periods of 4 to 6 months.

The side effects of Botox mostly are derived from the malpractice, which could result in a temporary paralysis in the facial muscles or the drooping eyelid. Its use is contraindicated in the area lower face and is only recommended in aged between 20 and 65 years.

Side effects that the Botox can cause by itself with adequate practice are small bruises in the area of the injection that disappear in a short time.

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