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Food against cellulite

Take Care of the food and have a line ideal is an obsession that pursue many people, especially (and not os enfadéis) women. In our blog health we give the food against the cellulite, to combat this heavy problem that plagues many people, who care for their food and maintain a healthy and balanced diet for matener to rein in the blessed cellulite. The cellulite, fat, stretch or the “kilitos” of more, are some of the problems of beauty more common in our day. Remove has become a small obsession by those who suffer. A key element in these processes is the food, so if you want to fight against the cellulite, you show a series of food against the cellulite, to draw the largest party to your eating habits.

In general, food against the cellulite have few calories and are diuretics; it could say that on these two properties are recorded all foods that are either to combat the cellulite. You should avoid saturated fats (butter or sausage), as well as the sugar, especially the absorption of quick, as the pastries, cakes, chocolate or even the honey. Read the rest of this entry »

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