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Diet snack

The sandwich is one of the most complete foods and more interesting that we can find. In addition, the variety and the possible combinations that we can form are great. In this blog health we eat a “bocata” and you count the diet of snack: Follow a diet to basis only of a food or a type of food, is not recommended, is more, we should be taken to the head; in this way, allowances as the melon or of the artichoke, are nothing good for the agency, the best: the Mediterranean diet or the diet Atlantic, you already know, there is nothing new. The diet of snack may be acceptable, if and when you do.

The essential idea which is based diet of snack is in the possibility of combining food that offers, since between bread and bread, they can get all kinds of food proving snack very interesting and appetizing. The good thing is “complete” the sandwich with healthy food and that we provide essential nutrients, i.e., following a healthy diet. Of course, if rather than become a snack plant, with lettuce, tomatoes and asparagus, for example, you do a snack with sausage or with foods that have too much fat and calories, then the thing switches.
Therefore, the diet of snack is a diet interesting if and when you know combine it with healthy food. The pan is a food necessary, and with some exceptions or subsistence severe, we should not eliminate it from our diet. Read the rest of this entry »

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