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To Know About Drop

The diseases that suffers the human beings are all kinds, and from this blog health we for analysis. One of the questions that we have done is about a disease that is associated with the uric acid: what is the drop. So quick and intuitive we can say that gout is an inflammation of the joints, and usually coupled with a large amount of uric acid.

Uric acid is one of the products that the body does not want and what discarded. When the drop, if the amount of uric acid is high, are formed some crystals in the form of needle that are installed in the interior of the joints, and here is where it produces the inflammation. These crystals can stay together the fabric of the joint or under the skin. Over time, this is a problem, because it can generate arthritis. On the other hand, the crystals can stay in the kidney, so that generate the known calculation and the stones of the kidney.

In large measure, the drop is often present in the articulation of the basis of toe. With less frequently, it may appear in other joints, such as those of the hands, wrists, elbow or ankles. Read the rest of this entry »

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