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The benefits of laughter to the human body.

The most experts dedicated to the study of the impact that laughter occurs in our agency agree that the following benefits of laughter to the human body:

* Help relax, since the laugh is secrete substances like serotonin, which has powers painkillers. It is said that a minute of laughter official equivalent to 45 minutes of relaxation

* Allows the release of inhibitions

* Strengthens the heart

* Develops a positive attitude to life

* Facilitates the digestion to make vibrate the liver through a massage impossible to provide otherwise

* Massages the belly and the digestive routes

* Avoids the constipation

* Accelerates the basal metabolism and tones the muscles in the face

* The laughter generate a healthy fatigue that eliminates the insomnia

* Improves the breathing, because it creates a movement diaphragmatic that makes the lungs move 12 liters of air, instead of the six usual

* Cure problems such as depression, anxiety and the lack of self-esteem

* Helps to burn calories

* Facilitates the digestion to make vibrate the liver, which prevents the constipation, improving the elimination of the bile and stimulates the spleen.

* Low hypertension increasing blood flow, since it was relax the smooth muscles of the arteries with what is reduces blood pressure and energizes the muscles in the face, because laughing continued active almost the whole of them

* Power creativity and imagination, because when one laughs secretes more adrenaline.

According to the World Organization of laughter, therapy of laughter “produces some unique benefits both for the agency as for the mind. Its results have been scientifically by recent studies have shown that the laugh is curative. It is a complementary therapy with the other techniques of conventional medicine”.

5 commons emotion that can make hungry

The emotional states lead us to eat other and most of the times without control and large quantities of food, which generally for comfort lead in the junk food, as a response to the moods, instead of hunger natural.

These emotions affect the stimulation to the starvation under these conditions:

1. Anger
If you are angry with yourself, another person or situation, to drown their feelings is easier stifle with food, to deal with the problem itself.

2. Despair
When it comes to believe that; “nothing really matters anyway – Nothing in life is going to change or improve for me,” is when we arrived at the conclusion of; why should I worry about my health or the weight?, also eat it makes me feel better. (The extreme feelings of hopelessness that is typical of the chronic depression). Read the rest of this entry »

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