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Reduce the fast-food.

We are all familiar with the so-called “fast-food” whose main, and most well-known components are: the hamburgers and pizzas.
The schedules of the various components of the family make it very difficult match for lunch or dinner together, and to devote the necessary time to each of the meals.
The stress, and the lack of time together with the food unhealthy make our consumption habits are very ill.
AND an activity as pleasant as it should be eating, it becomes a real problem.
That’s why before the ill changes that have suffered our eating habits born an international movement as a response to the fast-food, this movement is called: Slow Food.
As its translation indicates we are talking about eating slow to change the consumer habits.
The movement born in 1989 as a response to life quickly that leads, one of its main objectives is to improve our quality of life.
To achieve put special emphasis on food and drink better, making the food an act of culture.
For Slow Food food has to be good, clean and fair. The food must be produced without damage to the species, or to animals. It is food prepared in the most natural as possible, while respecting the natural processes. Read the rest of this entry »

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