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Kissing or not kissing ?

In this blog health again to stop on a of the issues more media coverage of the past months: influenza A. With the arrival of the global pandemic are many questions that you arise, the fruit of alarmism exorbitantly with which beat us. On this occasion we reflect on the flu A: kissing or not kissing? Such an alarm social nice, possibly, the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, those that suggested not giving the hand or give kiss. Clear, before this, citizens, that us alarmist by nature, we wonder if this really is necessary that is: what kissing or not kissing?

The margin of the many medical benefits that troop kissing (which we are not going to describe), something that is more than contrasted and studied is that the two kisses that we always give into Spanish society is a tradition so ingrained that would be difficult to imagine having to banish by reason of influenza A. Give kissing is a sample of affection and a social custom, as all, it is not easy eliminate.

Obviously, the main reason for the recommends not kissing is to avoid the contagion. It is known that through the kisses, simply by the contact next face-face contact between the two people who are going to say hello, you can transmit germs and micro-organisms. But of course, it is curious that there are more likely to get flu TO through a handshake, another of the habits that the Ministry called to avoid. Read the rest of this entry »

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