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Health supplements that work

Walk into any health or fitness shop and you’ll see dozens upon dozens of nutritional supplements that all claim to give massive benefits to anyone who takes them. Whilst you’re probably right to be dubious about many of them, a few of them are well worth taking for anyone looking to make the most of their exercise or simply adopt a healthier lifestyle and diet.

Protein Powders

Getting a decent supply of protein is vital if you’re engaged in any kind of resistance or intensive cardio training. Without the right amount, all your hard work will go to waste as your body will actually start stripping your muscles to repair the cell damage caused by exercise rather than the fat you actually want to shift. At one time the staple protein ‘supplement’ was simply eating meals high in protein but unfortunately, those tend to have a significant amount of calories attached to the nutritional boost.

Today a much more popular choice is to use protein powders and drink a high-protein shake after every workout. These have a low calorie content but a huge boost to protein levels, speeding recovery times and supplying your body with the vital amino acids needed for muscle growth.


Created within the body by several different amino acids, creatine acts as a vital supply of energy to muscle tissue when under the stress of activity. Although it’s not considered an essential nutrient, supplementing your levels with the synthetic substance can have significant benefits to the growth of lean muscle mass as well as to recovery times. Usefully, creatine can be mixed in small amounts with protein powders to make a double serving of muscle-building nutrition.


Possibly the most pedestrian supplement, it’s one of the most overlooked by those looking for help with their exercise as really these pills are more targeted at improving general health. Yet improved general health isn’t just a benefit for exercise – it’s also a vital prerequisite to being able to actually push yourself to your limits. Very few people get enough fruits and vegetables into their diet and even more miss out on the minerals that your body needs to be at its best. One thing to note though is that men and women have slightly different nutritional needs;for example, men should avoid supplements with extra iron as their bodies naturally process this better than women, and excess levels due to supplements can raise the risk of heart disease.

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