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Tips for you for being in the ideal weight.

It is true that for us well the first thing to do is feeling well. For many this means to be in form, and unlike what is believed that does not mean that we should make efforts staggering, but that making small efforts we can begin to feel and see ourselves well.
Now incorporate some habits that probably already beeches heard once, but if you are just today decided to begin to worry about body image, this entry is ideal because we will see some tips for that you can be in the form.
*Starts your day drinking a glass of mineral water with a teaspoon of honey. This mixture helps to “clean” your body and helps you wake up.
*Recalls that your breakfast should include carbohydrates (grains and vegetables), proteins (eggs, cheese, yogurt) and fibers that stimulate the brain.
*TO the lunch hour tries that it is as lighter possible. Vegetable and fish is an excellent combination.
*When your dinner should not be later that the 7pm.
*Drink plenty of water.
*Tries to avoid eating red meat and increases the amount of fish to eat. The fish has fewer calories and nutrients more useful. Read the rest of this entry »

A healthy diet

It seems that the benefits of a healthy life, on the basis of a sport, eating healthy and not make practices harmful to our health does not stop to produce good results for our lives. One of the latest relations that we have known since this blog of health is on healthy eating: a relationship happy. In other words, here are merged two aspects. On the one hand we are with the aspect of the healthy food, through which we have to make at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, eat many fruits and vegetables, banish the alcohol, drugs and tobacco, avoid as much as possible the fatty foods and junk food if we want defeat the task of maintaining a body and mind healthy.

On the other side is the aspect of the relationship as a couple. As far as part of providing a body and mind healthy, all the eating habits correct and healthy for your body also could ensure a relationship happy with your partner.

In these aspects, one of the various studies which relate the healthy diets and the relationship happy is that made a group of men with overweight at the University of Utah, through which was discovered that their testosterone levels increased after it had lost weight, together with their sexual satisfaction. Read the rest of this entry »

Healthy Diet for weight gain

In general, we have the idea that the allowances are to lose weight, and to download of size. But of course, there is also another type of allowance. From our blog health we are going to share a healthy diet for weight gain, since not everyone wants to make diet to lose. The obsession with lose those kilos of more than to most of the people; it becomes an obsession for others. If something teaches us that fact, is that there are many people that is not gusto with his body, and this, I believe, is a problem. Those who have more weight want lose and lose weight, and those who have less want earn it. This is something very common. If I let you of a council, I would say that we must try satisfied with what each one has, or more or less. I know that it is difficult and that there will be people with real problems, but in general, there are many people who could live perfectly with his weight habitual, without any problems. Read the rest of this entry »

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