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What is the sunlight use to our health ?

The Sun can help you strengthen bones, frustrate the different forms of cancer, disorders auto-immune, as well as prevent and fight infections.
For years, the sun has been considered public enemy number one, considering that cause damage to the skin, premature aging, pigmentation and an increased risk of cancer.
But before going to the shadow, consider this: the sun rays are necessary for the production of vitamin D, for which no sunbathing we risk a gap that could leave defenseless before any type of ailments.
A growing number of scientific studies that are now pointing to the effects of the deficiency of vitamin D, as a factor at stake for an entire catalog of illnesses, including colds and flu, heart disease, accidents cerebro-vascular, diabetes, disorders auto immune, depression, osteoporosis and numerous types of cancer.
Even has been suggested as a possible cause of autism.
The root of the deficiency today is the custom to shun the sun, thus affecting the assimilation of the pro-vitamin D, for reasons such as; the style of life, life in the city, etc.
In China, a study by Shanghai Institute in Investigations of Life Sciences, revealed that about 69 percent of older persons in the continent do not have enough vitamin D, while a recent study by the University of Hong Kong revealed that more than 60 percent of Hong Kong people are similarly affected. Read the rest of this entry »

Modern disease: “Stress”

The stress is considered as one of the modern diseases more common but the curious thing is that it is not a disease but that is a natural reaction of our body.
It is defined as a voltage physical and emotional caused by our body as a response to external agents. These incentives can be many, the fear a dangerous situation or threatening, the pressure to achieve a goal at all costs or a situation of violence that is repeated too often.
It is something completely natural and our lives serial very boring if there were no stress, for some, it would be impossible to live without stress. Is the salt and pepper of life and many of us do not like live without stress.
But problems occur when there is a exaggerated level of stress that exceeds the normal and so it is impossible to reach to neutralize time before adding more stress.
The stress accumulates day to day if it is not gives you an end to the situations that cause and in these cases can be reached to jeopardize the health, human relations and prevent enjoy the fullness of life. Read the rest of this entry »

Harpagophytum, the treatment of Arthritis

As you have already been able to over time that Living Healthy is in line, in many times we dealt with the Fitoterapic; or, what is the same, of the various properties and virtues of many plants.
However, we never had echoed the different benefits from a wild plant that is as prevalent in the south of Africa as in the Kalahari Desert.
It is called harpagophytum (harpagophytum procumbens L. ), and it is a plant that has beautiful flowers of color mauve, producing a series of fruits ganchudos.
Their roots are rich in glucoiridoides, recognized activities analgesic and anti-inflammatory.
Are interesting for the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis and other manifestations hurt joints.
The main reason is that many studies carried out in patients with arthrosis, have demonstrated the effectiveness of harpagophytum in symptomatology painful.
Especially, because the flexibility and mobility articulate significantly improves; and what is even more important, without causing adverse effects.

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