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Lipofilling: new technique of increase in chest

There is no doubt that women want to be to taste themselves and with his body, and for this, resort to the aesthetic, with complicated operations that can be dangerous. In our blog of health and beauty you talk about lipofilling: new technique of increase in the chest. The cosmetics play an important role. The main problem of the increase in breast is that it has become an obsession for women, part of the side effects of the operation or of the problems that could lead the operation itself. Well, the Lipofilling is the new technique of increase in chest through the infiltration of fat.

The evolution of techniques to the time to make a mamoplasty has allowed get a chest “to measure” and the increase in breast with fatty tissue is the latest development compared to the mamoplasty more common. Although the prosthetic silicone offer a high security and a very low percentage of complications, since there is an alternative for women who want to increase the volume of your chest without the use of prostheses and that, at the same time, want to reduce fat in other areas of the body: lipofilling. Read the rest of this entry »

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