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The care for patients with severe lung diseases.

In London doctors are investigating the manner in which the singers aid to seriously ill with lung conditions, to improve its breath control, according to the study to be carried out in the Royal Brompton Hospital.
Hundreds of patients have joined the sessions and 60 have been incorporated into a clinical trial, whose results are expected published before the end of the year, but already some patients who have received the sessions, say the singers has already transformed his life.
In the Royal Brompton Hospital, it is not surprising listening to the sound of music in the corridors, together with jokes, laughter and oral exercises, this is a place that specializes in the care for patients with severe lung diseases.
The class start with some vocal exercises, including sighs, noise and hum, sounds top and bottom of the scale, and then transferred to the songs including “sailor drunk”, “cockles and mussels” and “Honey Kiss Me Kiss Me”.
And in the midst of a festive atmosphere are patients of all ages, with a series of lung disorders, including asthma, cystic fibrosis and emphysema.
It is clear that patients enjoy and researchers now want their impact on the patterns of breath control, in those who are carrying out the clinical trial. Read the rest of this entry »

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