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Taking care of nails

When we talk about taking care of nails, we talk to avoid their deterioration and improve its firmness and this has as its objective, much more than for aesthetic. Because anyone who thinks that the nails have a purely decorative function is wrong and must continue reading this article for internalized more.

Although it is difficult to believe, the nails are skin. Yes, they are a type of skin modified to meet very important functions:

• Protect the latest phalanxes of fingers
• Provide support for the fingertips both feet as hands
• AND helps us to carry out certain key actions, such as rescans or unleash a knot.

The good care of the nails, indicates health. And to achieve that good condition, the nails require -as everything in life- certain care. For example, care to maintain its firmness and prevent their deterioration, adequate food and good hygiene.

One of the treatments advised, to improve the state of the nails and decrease the risk to infections, is the manicure.

The nails are formed by three layers of keratin. The first layer is the glossy side; the second is called keratin medium and the third, keratin sensitive. We must nurture these three layers, which are at risk of bend or break with the excessive use of the short-nails. Read the rest of this entry »

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