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Tips on finding a good nursing home

Searching for the right type of nursing care home can be an emotional time for all the family and all everyone wants is the best for their relative or friend. The quality of accommodation and care can vary significantly between each home and exploring the various options is often hard to do.

Generally there are two types of home – a care home and a nursing home. Care homes provide assistance with personal care such as dressing and washing if required, staff can care for residents during short periods of illness. While a nursing home is better suited where more constant medical attention is needed.

If you are in the South then the nursing homes Southampton has to offer are excellent. You will need to do your research wherever you are looking, and questions you will need to ask should be prepared in advance so you have time to think about what you want to ask.

Important questions should be asked and be along the lines of, how regularly the doctors visit and does the home have a specific care plan which they abide by. Other factors such as the location, visiting times and the population of the home.

If you are wondering how to fund your loved one through care, the basic principle for the provision of community care is set out in the Governments ‘White Paper’ Caring for People. It states that anyone who needs health or social care because of problems associated with old age; mental illness or learning, physical or sensory disabilities should be able to obtain care services and support, tailored to their individual needs whether at home or in residential accommodation.

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