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The market on electronic cigarette smoking cessation

Any method is good for quitting smoking if it works. This habit is very harmful to health and causes millions of deaths in the world. The nicotine inhaled when smoke tobacco is one of the substances more addictive and that is why it is difficult to quit.
Some years ago appeared on the market on electronic cigarette smoking cessation. It is a device that works with a small battery and simulates the form of a cigarette flow.
In the end where it aspires has a sensor that detects when inhaling air releases tiny drops forming a vapor that mimics the cigarette smoke. Leads some small capsules filled with different substances, propylene, glycerin, vegetable flavors, flavoring and also have a proportion of nicotine.
There are several types of capsules with different levels of nicotine and the idea is to go down the dose of nicotine slowly until you get to leave completely.
These cigarettes electronic have been a source of controversy since its emergence in the year 2004 and some doctors, scientific societies and sanitary argue that the steam that release is as damaging as the cigarette conventional. And even suggest that, because there is no scientific evidence nor sufficient studies, could be even more damaging.
Another point of discussion is that does not eliminate the harmful habit of smoking, the rite of inhaling and lay smoke remains, does not attack the psychological addiction and in some cases, this can be crucial to kick the habit. Read the rest of this entry »

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