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Purifying Mask

Today there are many beauty centers and aesthetic where we can give us a purifying mask. Eliminates toxins in our skin at the same time that the clean giving an appearance smoother and more attractive.
Some brands of cosmetics manufactured various types of masks for use at home; some are to remove stains and black spots, others to beautify the skin, to solve problems of acne or as exfoliating and moisturizing.
All are effective and really that some have surprising results, although sometimes are not the scope of all because they can become very expensive in some cases.
But that does not have to be an impediment to enjoy the effects of a purifying mask as we can prepare at home with ingredients known that are not as expensive.
Mask of blue algae
This preparation is special to back the elasticity to the skin. It is highly purifying and rejuvenating for his contribution of minerals.
We can get the blue algae powder called spirulina in specialist shops and there is only that mix one or two tablespoons with warm water or with gel neutral. Massaging the face during three minutes and leave other ten minutes. Clean with abundant cold water.
The tomato can clean the black spots on the face if cut and rub the party to treat. Leave about five minutes and wash with water, you can repeat all the times that you want.
Mask embellecedora
It is prepared with half a cup of juice of cucumber, an egg white and a spoonful of milk powder. Mix to make a cream thickens and implement in the neck and face with circular movements. Leave some 20 minutes and remove with warm water. This mask has an effect significant and nourishes the skin leaving more smooth and soft.
These are only some of the recipes home to prepare a mask, there are many more.

Nanotechnology skin treatment

Nanotechnology already reached the cosmetics; this new form of manipulating matter at the level of atoms and molecules is already being implemented for the creams and lotions beauty.

This new science began in Japan, where began to develop beauty products manufactured from nanotechnology, these substances are going to penetrate directly in the skin cells. It is a technique that makes view as old as Botox, laser and the threads Russians.

The Japanese company that develops these new cosmetics is Takami Commercial, and the line of nano cosmetic is called Inia.

Part in the demand for women who want recover its beauty and rejuvenate the skin in natural form, harmless, but without resorting to the operating room. Read the rest of this entry »

Get soft skin right now

With increasing frequency, women and men spend much of their time and budget to care for their skin and his physical state. Therefore, from our blog health we give you some small tips and tricks to the time to know how to get a soft skin. A boat soon, the moisturizers are a first option to get a skin; let’s say that the hydration is essential for your skin is always smooth. But you can also opt for other natural remedies, for the skin of silk that both estimates.

The first thing you must do is the exfoliation, to remove impurities that you have in the skin. It is important that step for the moisturizer or the compound that you applets below, have more facilities to come into contact with the skin. A natural compound that can be used as the exfoliate is the oats, that when mixing with yogurt and honey, get good results. Read the rest of this entry »

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