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Food contraindicated for Uric Acid

In our blog health we worry about the uric acid, a disease that does not give very often, but that everyone more or less knows what it is and knows some foods that do not eat, as the case of the classic shellfish. Well, today we focus on the uric acid: food contraindicated. A large traits, and to bring about first impressions, the uric acid is formed by a series of waste of their own food; these wastes from a series of proteins, which at times, can generate the body itself. This acid, when you cannot eliminate, accumulates in the joints, where it causes pain and the gout attacks.

But focusing on the food contraindicated in case of uric acid, stress above all the above-mentioned seafood, which is one of the foods that more uric acid produced, so that their consumption this virtually prohibited when a person has uric acid. You must also eliminate the viscera, which produce nearly both uric acid and more than the shellfish; of all forms, is a little food consumed.
On the other hand, despite the fact that is very good for other health issues, the blue fish is not good for the uric acid. Fish such as the sardines, anchovies and herring can cause an increase of uric acid in the agency. So, in this case, the better the white fish. Read the rest of this entry »

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