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Great benefit of sexual activity

A sexually active has great benefits for the psychological health of the person who performed with regularity: it increases the self-esteem, the self-knowledge, creativity, reduces the depression, etc., but it also has important physical benefits. The benefits of sex for the health were discussed during the twentieth century and today, continue to be explored, and not only of the sexual act itself and the pleasure, but also of previous process, the seduction and desire, and the rear.

1. The process of seduction

The moments before the sexual act also have health benefits. These benefits are related to the secretion of two hormones, which also are segregated during sex:

* In the women are segregated estrogens, the hormone responsible for the features female sex: menstruation, growth of the breasts, etc.
* In the man is secreted testosterone, a hormone that, among other things, maintains the libido, the erection, muscle strength, etc.

2. During the sexual act

* The benefits of sex for health are many and varied, and many of them have to do with the secretion of substances and hormones:

In addition to the testosterone and estrogen, are segregated another type of substances such as the DHA, one of the largest benefits of sex to health. During sexual intercourse, just before the orgasm or ejaculation, the level in the blood of this steroid is 5 times higher than normal. The high levels of DHA, which is secreted by the crust supra rectal, are associated with the longevity, the formation of muscle mass, and the increase in the libido or disappearance depression.

Another of the substances segregated is the nitric oxide, a substance vasodilator, which allows the erection in man and the lubrication in women, which also favors the movement because it opens the arteries.

Other substances that are segregated are oxytocin, the endorphins and prolactin, they related to sexual pleasure.

* Sex is a form of physical exercise so that, among other things, burn calories. In fact, the exercise carried out during a sexual act may amount to a walk fast.

* The sex protects the prostate. It has been found that the disturbances of prostate are related to the gland secretion and sexual activity makes to regulate these secretions. However, a sudden change in the frequency of these, you can assume disorders prostate.

* Reduces cholesterol and balancing the balance between the bad cholesterol and good.

* Increases the oxygenation of the body, i.e. makes it more oxygen to cells and, in addition, stimulates the activity of certain organs.

* The sex reduces the pain and the symptoms associated with the menstruation, osteoporosis and arthritis.

* In the man, reduces blood pressure, pressure which will be maintained in the same levels during the week following the sexual act.

3. After intercourse

Once it has completed the withdrawal, the body returns to normal, peace, after a great sense of pleasure. Therefore, sex is a great regulator of the dream and the best tranquilizer and antidepressant that exists.

The benefits of sex for health are, therefore, a good incentive, part of the many others that has, to lead a life sexually active. The problems perhaps are here, to maintain active our sex life. For that reason, we offer some tips.

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