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The Yoga is beneficial to relax

The Yoga is beneficial to relax, banishing the stress and definitively serves of relief for many muscular diseases.
If it is the first time that are going to do yoga, can be difficult and painful, so I recommend you to do with calm and exert without much in achieving the positions, to be low-impact, but if you follow practicing yoga, very much that is becoming increasingly easy and you can always adjust the positions on your comfort, the thing is not hurt but benefit.
Then, I give some recommendations that you must take into account, before starting the practice of Yoga, to get the maximum benefits, without exposing you to risks that may affect your health.
1. As for any other practice is necessary to consult before a doctor, particularly when it suffers from any physical condition, which can limit the possibility of certain positions or even, suggest its contraindication. This is the case of the inverted postures, which are contraindicated in people with high blood.
2. The ideal is to carry out the Yoga exercises outdoors, in a wooded park, then a shower, as far as possible away from the meals and wearing comfortable clothes.
3. Although the basic series of Yoga exercises can be carried out by people of different constitution, degree of physical development and age, it is necessary to use the common sense respecting the constitution and limits of the own body.
4. In addition, you must take into account that each position may be improved with the constant practice, so you must be prepared to move forward in gradually and not expect to achieve the best position from the beginning, or forcing your body beyond the limit.
5. The effect of each position is obtained with its maintenance static, the principle for only a few seconds, extending this period of a little. The position should feel comfortable and allow breathe slowly and deeply.
6. The mind should be fully aware of the body of work that is being carried out and the breathing. The only muscles that must be tense are those that are needed to keep the position, the rest of the body must be complete relaxation.
7. Between posture and position, you should relax by space of one or two minutes in the position of the body, breathing slowly and deeply.
8. Each meeting should end with 5 minutes of meditation.

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