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To know about repetitive strain injuries

“The first symptoms tend to be itching, with a range of feelings of loss of sensation and numbness in parts of the body concerned, that it is various aches and pains that develop between the wrist and shoulder”.

The initial symptoms often leave after long periods of work on a PC, and disappear during the night, but in chronic forms of the disease, the pain manifested during everyday activities, such as ironing or the step of marches in a car.

Stenbock-Fermor advises against seek to discuss the problem with medication, “You can use the medication to minimize the symptoms,” he said, adding: “But in the long term, only conceal the real causes,” he said.

Therefore, it is important to take preventive measures to avoid pain, “You have to take care of acute in the arm,” said Marschall, therapists often tend to encourage the exercises of force, while heat can also be used to relax the muscles and cool cloths can be used to relieve pain.

The key is to adopt a comprehensive approach and not merely treat the individual symptoms. “The best thing is to change your work area”, recommends Dierk.

This could mean use ergonomic keyboards, the hand rests and mice of computer that are designed as joysticks, distributing the strength of the hands of the user, in a different position.

Dierk added: “You should also have a seat that does not oblige him to sit too straight, adjusting the monitor according to its angle of vision, next to the way to sit”, adding relaxation techniques muscular that are very useful, too.

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