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Treatment for the celiac

In previous editions, this blog health began to address the issue of celiaquía, a disease that affects approximately one in every 100 people. In this last note journalistic, shall be given some data to take into account and they are really important. There are different types of celiaquía; each of them with their own characteristics. While the celiaquía music is easier to detect, according to the web site Wikipedia, there are also the potential; the silent; the latent; and the refractory.

The weight loss and appetite, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of muscle mass, stunting and abdominal pain, are some of the symptoms through which usually manifest this disease, according publishes the web site of the Federation of Associations of Celiac of Spain (FACE).

While in some cases, the celiaquía is asymptomatic, to take any of the symptoms described above your physician staff, because no person is free of this illness, as it can occur in childhood, adolescence, in the youth in adulthood or in old age.

Gluten-free Diet

Currently, and in full twenty-first century, the only way to treat this disease is to maintain a healthy diet totally free of gluten (some of the food recommended, and that it can be consumed, are the milk, meat and fish fresh; eggs; fruits and vegetables; among others). It is important to note that this diet must be carried out in a strict and for life.

In this connection, the most common complaints of celiac patients are related to the current prices of foodstuffs without gluten, since they are many more expensive than common food.

It is important to add that, some months ago, the Chamber of Senators of Spain heard the voices of all the people who suffer from celiaquía, living in the Spanish territory, and that it has long called it think about them.

On that occasion, it was decided to adopt a series of measures aimed at the celiac as, for example, the required inclusion of menus with dishes gluten-free or the correct labelling of foods that do not possess gluten

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